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The concepts behind Katie Paterson’s practice take her all around the globe,¬†transforming her studio from Berlin to nomadic at times.

For her work Future Library, she made her way up north to Oslo where a forest has been planted ready to supply the paper for 100 new texts to be printed in 100 years time, in 2114.

A secretive artwork with an uncertain future audience who will receive what could be a beautiful gift from the past.

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artists, Katie Paterson

A mirrorball of over 10,000 solar eclipses rotates to create a sparkling progression of the eclipse across a room.

The images make up nearly every solar eclipse documented by humankind, from total through to quarter and half eclipses.


A beautiful spectacle of the sun eclipsing the moon.



Katie Paterson

Totality, 2016

A mirrorball of every solar eclipse (mixed media)

Edition of 3

83 x 83 x 83 cm

Installation view, The Lowry, Manchester, 2016




Photograph: Ben Blackall

Image courtesy the Artist/ The Lowry, Manchester/ Ingleby, Edinburgh