Towards Heilprin Land | doggerfisher

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Towards Heilprin Land. doggerfisher. Edinburgh. 2007
Courtesy of Susanna Beaumont / doggerfisher. Photography: Ruth Clark.

Geological place // Ecological space

artists, Ilana Halperin

The discovery, exploration and use of live geological sites is what marks Halperin’s practice as unique and inimitable.

This week we have been thinking about the intriguing and distinctive locations within Halperin’s practice; from the East to the Western corners of the globe. Here are just a few examples…

North East Coast // Greenland 

In collaboration with Oceanwide Expeditions, Ilana embarked on voyage to the north east coast of Greenland in September 2006.

Geological Home Movies

artists, Ilana Halperin

Physical Geology (new landmass/fast time), 2009 & Physical Geology (geothermal), 2011


(Screenshot from film)

Super 8 digital transfer
3 min 48 sec.

In keeping with Ilana Halperin’s interest in geological formations, this moving-image diptych explores two volcanic sites, one in Hawaii and one in Iceland, to chart the occurrence of geothermally created sculptures.

Watch the full film here!



Introduction | Ilana Halperin

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The challenging relationship between art and science is ubiquitous within the practice of American born artist, Ilana Halperin. For years, Halperin has explored issues from ecology through to biology with bold, ambitious projects, practicing in significant geological sites from Japan to North America.

Through extensive and far-reaching voyages, Halperin uses these scientific concepts to connect with our everyday lived experience, uncovering and embracing elements of the ethereal and sublime:

“My work explores the relationship between geological phenomena and daily life. Whether boiling milk in a 100 degree Celsius sulphur spring in the crater of an active volcano or celebrating my birthday with a landmass of the same age, the geologic history and environmental situation specific to the locale directly informs the direction each piece takes”