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Hughes’sculpture Red Faced (2014), sits within a broader range of themes and ideas touched upon by other artists exhibited in Between poles and tides.


Delving deeper into Red Faced (2014), the work can be seen to present a sense of existential dread, alternate identities and subversion, self-image and self-portraits, human emotion and the inner gaze, whilst using layers of thick, red paint, to create the distinctive ripples and drips.


Daniel Hughes | Studio

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Before its physical materialisation, Daniel Hughes’ work begins on screen. Layering, collaging and sketching on Photoshop, Hughes uses images and content gathered from his surrounding environment.

His current project, a series called ‘Territorial Pissings’, plays with the displacement of gestural marks the artist has captured on his phone around London. From graffiti tags to paint spilt on roads, he has begun to create abstract paintings that layer and confuse these ‘silent’ gestures.

Introduction | Daniel Hughes

about, artists, Daniel Hughes

In the stairwell of Gallery One sits Red Faced (2014), an artwork by ECA graduate Daniel Hughes. The University purchased the piece in 2014 following his degree show, adding to its ever-expanding contemporary collection.

Since 2012, Hughes has participated in both group and solo exhibitions from London to New York. In both 2013 and 14 his work was exhibited at two shows, Exhibition A and Primo, at The Number Shop in Edinburgh. He has most recently exhibited at the group show, £3672.96 at the Copeland Gallery, London.

Hughes’ work touches upon themes of; self image and subverted identity, relationships with both visual and written language, negotiations between urban and social environment and class conflict.

Lauren Hawkins, Talbot Rice Gallery Intern.

Image: Chris Park.