Introduction | Ian Hamilton Finlay

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The late Ian Hamilton Finlay (1925 -2006) forged a career as one of Scotland’s most successful and distinguished artists. Finlay was born and raised in both Glasgow and the Orkney Islands, but later moved to practice in Edinburgh where he became a founding member of the Concrete Poetry movement.

Whilst being heavily influenced and inspired by the manipulation of language through poetry, Finlay was also a sculptor, printmaker, gardener, philosopher and conceptual artist, often heavily referencing the work of classical Greek and Roman mythology.

One of Finlay’s most critically acclaimed artworks is his own garden, which he named Little Sparta. The garden, which still exists today, is a visual manifestation of his collective interests, and aims to recreate the antiquated notion of the Poet’s Garden. Located in the Pentland Hills just outside of Edinburgh, the garden functions as one of Scotland’s most important public artworks, holding over 300 individual works within its grounds. Little Sparta can be viewed as a living installation, one which captures the essence of his conceptual and poetic focus.

Between poles and tides is proud to showcase three lithographs by Finlay, each displayed on the upper level of Gallery One.

Lauren Hawkins, Talbot Rice Gallery Intern 



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