Katie Paterson

Paterson’s solo exhibition Syzygy (an astronomical term relating to planetary alignment) was held at the Lowry in Manchester from April to August, 2016. The exhibition involved two new commissins, ‘Totality’ and ‘Ara’, as well as the piece that brought her fame at her degree show. The artist described the exhibition as a

“…coming together of planets in space and time, and relates to how most of my work deals with Earthly time and cosmic time, and our relationship with heavenly bodies and the wider cosmos.”

For further literature

“The classical Ruskinian sublime was supposed to humble you before the awesome majesty of creation; the technological sublime, meanwhile, seeks to celebrate the power of science to bring nature to heel: the curation of creation, if you will. But despite working at scales of the utmost sublimity, Paterson is somehow doing neither of these things.” Paul Graham Raven for the New Scientist:

Paterson discusses her relationship with science and scientists as well as her childhood need for daydreaming, in conversation with Veronica Simpson for Studio International: 

“In the unrelenting pace of modern life, Katie Paterson grants us permission to pause, and, as you stand in the gallery, it is difficult to tear yourself away from the dizzying, ineffable splendour of thousands of diminutive eclipses unravelling on the walls, floor and ceiling, softly wrapping themselves around you. For just an instant, time stands still.” Melanie Vandenbrouck for Apollo Magazine:



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