Tuymans + Sasnal

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A lot has been written about the relationship between the Polish artist Wilhelm Sasnal and Luc Tuymans. Both artists (each represented by Saatchi Gallery) incorporate found, banal and everyday images of mass media into a wider socio-political narrative worked into their paintings, prints and drawings. Influences from art history and 20th century propaganda are used to heavily influence their works, presenting visually fragmented appropriations of historical events and persons; the stronghold of the Soviet Union, Alexander Rodchenko, suicide bombing, the holocaust and British celebrity culture.



Wilhelm Sasnal Landscape (2001) (left) // Luc Tuymans Within (2001) (right)

However, this pre-determined relationship has not been acrimonious, rather both artists have embraced the collective recognition for their works. They have featured in various interviews, talks and texts, discussing the intricacies, similarities and the broader cultural implications of their artwork.

An example of this was the much anticipated talk given in 2015, follow the link below to watch a video of when Tuymans met Sasnal.


Cover image courtesy of Chris Park

Art work images: Saatchi Gallery



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