Birds of a Feather | Talbot Rice Gallery

artists, Luc Tuymans

One of the most influential painters working today, for his first exhibition in Scotland, at Talbot Rice Gallery in the autumn of 2015, this provocative artist brought together his work with that of the most significant of Scottish Enlightenment portrait painters, Henry Raeburn. Utilising images of yellow and pink canaries, anonymous gatherings of people and Raeburn’s sombre black-robed academics, Birds of a Feather will associate themes of  independence, enlightenment and social control.

Check out the photos below of the show at Talbot Rice in 2015:

Talbot Rice_Luc Tuymans_Birds of a Feather_30thOct2015-07Talbot Rice_Luc Tuymans_Birds of a Feather_30thOct2015-08Talbot Rice_9th Nov 2015-23Talbot Rice_9th Nov 2015-31Talbot Rice_9th Nov 2015-29Talbot Rice_Luc Tuymans_Birds of a Feather_30thOct2015-03

Photo credit: Chris Park


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