A selection of words…

Luc Tuymans

Have a perusal through these articles for more information, insight and interpretation on Luc Tuymans and his artwork.

In conversation with Martin Herbert for ArtReview:

“The artist, for all his theoretic rigour, is lastingly concerned with medium-specific issues, but in interviews he usually emphasises his art’s conceptual exoskeleton. Here, as he prepared to bring his new work to London, Tuymans sat over coffee and cigarettes in his sunny Antwerp studio and talked about painting – his anxieties in front of the canvas, thinking slow and painting fast, the medium’s purported ‘weakness’ – and, additionally, about van Eyck, parrots, filmmaking and why he avoids looking at his own art.”



With Matt Smith on abstraction for Artspace:

“Although he is an accomplished figurative painter, the Belgian artist Luc Tuymans has always had a strong abstract element in his work. His paintings, he likes to say, “border on the idea of abstraction.” Nonetheless, he has struggled with the artistic approach from time to time. Over the years he’s found abstraction “existential” and “tormented,” and has felt “suffocated” by it.”



With Ben Eastham for Apollo Magazine:

“We meet at the artist’s studio in Antwerp, the city, he tells me, ‘of smartasses and troublemakers’. There is something of the two in Tuymans, whose bluff manner and imposing stature suggest a personality unlikely to suffer fools gladly, but whose intelligence and curiosity come to the fore in his sharp, wide-ranging discussion of literature, art and politics.”



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