Introduction | Luc Tuymans

Introduction, Luc Tuymans

Luc Tuymans is a Belgian artist who is widely accredited with the amelioration of painting as an artistic medium.

Contextually; following on from the Conceptual Art movement of the 1960’s and 70’s, Tuymans can be placed within a wider shift happening in the 80’s, where due to a revival of the art market and art dealers, painting saw its own renascence.

Living through the newly image saturated world of the late 20th century, Tuymans’ work aims to create meditations of these images of mass media through paints and prints. While his paintings appropriate often banal and ordinary found images and photographs, the summation of such images come to embody and represent major historic political and social events, such as the holocaust and the fall of the Berlin wall.

Additionally, Tuymans’ work can take on philosophical narratives; the impermeable layers created through his paintings hint at existentialism, distraction and passion.

Tuymans’ work can be both viewed and bought throughout the exhibition Between poles and tides. His tryptic of prints ‘The Arena’ are hung on the upper level of Gallery One, and also available as limited editions, to purchase from the gallery.

Lauren Hawkins, Talbot Rice Gallery Intern. 





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