Introduction | Daisy Lafarge

about, artists, Daisy Lafarge, Introduction

Graduating from ECA in 2016, Lafarge has since established herself within Edinburgh as an artist exploring the intricacies of language and spoken word.

In recent months her selected texts have been published on literary platforms such as Poetry London, The Poetry Review and Annuale 2016. She also performs her poetic musings at live events around the city.

Her work often traverses both the visual and non visual; language, video and poetry, to create striking relationships between botany, ecology and current affairs.

Not For Gain, shown in Between poles and tides is a video originally produced for the 2013 ECA graduate show. It has recently been screened at: ‘MAP presents | Footnoting the Archive at Glasgow Sculpture Studios’, a live event produced by the non-profit organisation MAP.

Set in the Royal Botanic Gardens, Edinburgh, Not For Gain (2013), personifies families of botanicals, using the narratives present within the gardens to portray and depict issues such as border controls and the media projected image of refugee/ migrants.

Lauren Hawkins, Talbot Rice Gallery Intern. 



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