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Jessica Harrison’s work has been widely accepted as iconic and subversive, aggressive and gory, beautiful and transcendent. Her work has inspired a great amount of press over the years, read a selection below:

The Skinny- Jessica Harrison Feminist Figurines 

“The thing about these figurines is they’re these beautiful ladies with their impossibly fair skin and their worry free expressions and their buoyant skirts, but they’re hollow and empty; I wanted to turn them inside out and expose that hollowness,”

IDI, Interview 

“In particular, she highlights the plight of women forced to conform to traditional perceptions of femininity and beauty. By superimposing and incorporating what we regard as traditionally masculine characteristics, namely tattoos and the physical manifestations of violence such as wounding and scarring, Harrison forces her audience to recognise their own conditioning in general while questioning the Victorian concept of the female form specifically, touching on attendant issues such as the manipulation of body shape through costume, gender roles, repression and conformity.”

New York Daily News- Fly-lashes? British artist Jessica Harrison creates fake eye lashes with fly legs

“A British artist is raising eye brows with her latest Fly-Lashes – fake eye lashes which are made out of fly legs. Yes, fly legs.”

The Telegraph- The most heavily tattooed porcelain ladies you’re ever likely to see

“Harrison, who was born in Cumbria, before moving to Edinburgh to study sculpture, sources the ceramic figurines and uses enamel paint to adorn them with colourful mermaids, skulls hearts and ships.

The overall effect is more drunken sailor than Jane Austen, and we love it.”




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