The Colour Red

about, artists, Daniel Hughes

Focusing in on Hughes’ chosen colour, we have considered other artists throughout art history who explore red in all its connotations of passion, violence, anger and sexuality.

Louise Bourgeois The Family 2008

Courtesy Tate/Christopher Burke © The Easton Foundation / Licensed by DACS

Mark Rothko’s Red on Maroon 1965

Mark Rothko, 'Red on Maroon' 1959

Courtesy Tate © Kate Rothko Prizel and Christopher Rothko/DACS 2017

Anish Kapoor’s Svayamb 2009

Image result for anish kapoor svayambh

Courtesy Anish Kapoor

Henri Matisse’s Harmony in Red 1908

Courtesy The Hermitage Museum

Judy Chicago’s Red Flag 1971

Courtesy Judy Chicago

William Eggleston’s The Red Ceiling 1973

Courtesy The Eggleston Trust

Anthony Caro’s Early One Morning 1962

Sir Anthony Caro, 'Early One Morning' 1962

Courtesy Tate/Barford Sculptures Ltd

Piet Mondrian’s The Red Mill 1911

The Red Mill, 1911 by Piet Mondrian


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