Hughes// Batchelor// Lafarge// Turley

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Hughes’sculpture Red Faced (2014), sits within a broader range of themes and ideas touched upon by other artists exhibited in Between poles and tides.


Delving deeper into Red Faced (2014), the work can be seen to present a sense of existential dread, alternate identities and subversion, self-image and self-portraits, human emotion and the inner gaze, whilst using layers of thick, red paint, to create the distinctive ripples and drips.

Daisy Lafarge- Not For Gain (2014)

daisy blogdaisy bloggy

“Daisy Lafarge’s film Not For Gain uses film of specimen plants in what I’m guessing must be the Royal Botanic Garden for the basis of a dystopian essay on plant-breeding and selection as a timely metaphor for migration, citizenship and national borders”

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David Batchelor- (Colour Chart No 5 (blue) 18.02.11) (2011)

batchy blog

“While materially playful and affecting, Batchelor’s graphic works often claim their physicality primarily in the imagination of the viewer. In this sense, colour mercurially seeps beyond its confines, refusing to be contained within a single dimension, but rather, to be experienced and sensed as pure pigment that shifts and moves between potential forms”

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Isobel Turley- Zane (2013)

zane blog

“The gaze of an animal makes us aware of being seen. We see the animal as the animal sees us. We become more aware of ourselves within the space as we are watched carefully and continually.”


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