Fabienne Hess | Studio

artists, Fabienne Hess

With such time consuming and repetitive work processes, Hess spends hours at a time in her studio.

The image above shows us her work on Zebras, Blanks and Blobs. Patiently spending time with each and every image, Hess describes it almost like a playing a game;  challenging at first but the more you look the easier it becomes to see what you’re looking for.

A studio with a view, day and night, Fabienne tells us about her time spent there….


‘I really enjoy this, spending hours in my studio copying text on a dust sheet, sewing the borders of a silk print or looking through thousands of images. There is something very comforting in disconnecting my mind from my work (or anything really) and just doing something manually. I usually listen to an audio-book or also just sit in silence. Then, after a stretch of these “mindless” hours I can look at my work again and think about it. Maybe this meditative process helps me create a distance from my work, or it just allows me to spend some restful hours.’

Photos courtesy of the artist.





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