Fabienne Hess | In Conversation

artists, Fabienne Hess

This week we have been in conversation with Fabienne Hess, discussing and expanding on some of her processes within her practice.

To explore more about some of the artworks discussed, see : fabiennehess.com

Could you explain how you first came across the idea of using recovery software in your work to manipulate images?


It started with a couple of questions and a sense of being overwhelmed by the amount of digital mages we are confronted with every day. Where do all the images go after we have forgotten them? How does digital trash disintegrate?


Several of your previous works are printed on silk, whereas one series was printed on dustsheets. What is the process to choosing your print material?


I only work with prints on silk – one could not print onto dust-sheets, they are much too fragile – I manually draw onto them. With the slippery silk and flimsy dust-sheets I try to mainatin a link to the marginal, fluid and ephemeral character the images and texts I use in my work have. 


I love how your recent work Further Undone (2016), further reuses original ‘corrupted’ images. Have you pushed this to its limit, or will you continue to explore? 


This is very much work-in-progress and what I am doing at the moment, ripping up silk prints and exploring the ways the threads can be arranged into colourful compositions. 

Could you tell me which one of your artworks you have most enjoyed creating?

It’s usually the one I’m working on at the moment…

Image courtesy of the artist
Lauren Hawkins, Talbot Rice Gallery Intern

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