Plastics and Silks

about, artists, Fabienne Hess

While elements of Hess’ practice primarily lies within the tampering and re-purposing of online data, a concurrent and intriguing side to her work is the materials she chooses to display her found images and text.

Below are two images from her Vientre de Fiburon exhibition, held in Columbia in 2014.

The works were digital prints on silk, featuring images found on data storage devices.The natural quality of the silk pieces create an almost illusory nature to the work. For this specific exhibition the contrast between the patterned stone floor and the free flowing liquid quality to the artworks create a striking and almost confusing relationship.

In stark contrast to this and presenting her work in an altered fashion, are Hess’ works on plastic.



This series of work entitled I Need, Trust Me, Help Me presented in 2015 at La Balsa Arte in Columbia, are hand painted on both plastic dustsheets and the everyday household material, clingfilm.

The featured text was recovered from a spam folder, and the words were meticulously hand painted onto plastic, a universally throw away, cheap and pliable material.

The use of inherently contrasting materials weaves a curious narrative through Hess’ work, creating both expensive and inexpensive material homes for the recovered and deleted data.

Images courtesy of the artist




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