Introduction | Fabienne Hess

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Fabienne Hess is a Swiss born artist now living and practicing in London. The starting point for her most recent work begins with the found, discarded and consciously removed. Her process recognises and manipulates our daily interactions with spam emails, junk folders and the digital content of distinguished corporations. Through image rendering and fragmentation, Hess carves fresh and raw dialogues from the culture of waste and instant gratification within society.

A primary ideology within Hess’ practice is the ‘corrupted’ image; how, through the process of digital transfer, the identity of an image or text can sometimes become irrevocably transformed. Corrupted Series (2013) takes images previously deleted or removed and resurrects them using recovery software. The process of this can affect the physical and conceptual aesthetic of the original, giving the images a new purpose after being ‘deleted’.

Similarly to this, in 2015, Hess extensively explored Edinburgh University’s digital archive through her TRG3 exhibition Hits and Misses (from the archive). Granted extensive access to the digital images, Hess responded by collectivising and displaying at random, the images she has encountered. These were then printed on a piece of silk, covering and concealing both walls within the gallery space.

Hess simultaneously used the archive to produce unprecedented ‘sub-collections’, based on abstract and nuanced connections with the diverse range of images. This project was initially displayed solely online. For Between poles and tides, this body of work has been made into a book, sitting on the upper level of Gallery One and entitled ‘Zebras, Blanks and Blobs’

 Lauren Hawkins, Talbot Rice Gallery Intern.

Image: Installation shot from Hits and Misses (from the archive) at Talbot Rice Gallery, Summer 2015, courtesy of Chris Park.


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