Geological place // Ecological space

artists, Ilana Halperin

The discovery, exploration and use of live geological sites is what marks Halperin’s practice as unique and inimitable.

This week we have been thinking about the intriguing and distinctive locations within Halperin’s practice; from the East to the Western corners of the globe. Here are just a few examples…

North East Coast // Greenland 

In collaboration with Oceanwide Expeditions, Ilana embarked on voyage to the north east coast of Greenland in September 2006.

Ivalo// Lapland

On April 30th 2002 Ilana held an interview with Dominick Arduin, the first woman to ski alone to the Magnetic North Pole. The event was held in Ivalo, Lapland.


Big Island // Hawaii 

As part of Geological Intimacy/ Physical Geology, Ilana produced a series of volcanic field work sessions in Big Island, Hawaii.


Mount Etna // Italy


Fingals Cave // Scotland

In Spring 2014, Ilana held an evening of performance and spoken-word at the mouth of Fingal’s Cave, Staffa.


Images Courtesy of the artist.


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