Introduction | Isobel Turley

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Graduating from Edinburgh College of Art in 2013, Isobel Turley’s primary focus within her practice sits in the complex and powerful relationships formed between contemporary art and animal conservation.

Zane (2013), produced for Turley’s Fine Art degree show, is a 2 second close recording of the endangered Amur Leopard, now so rarely found in its wild, natural habitat. Played on a continual loop, the work presents an inexhaustible and intense gaze of an animal, seldom captured on film.

For Between poles and tides, the video has been screened on a wall, high above the gallery floor, dominating the impenetrable, vacant space and linking the two floors with its all encompassing gaze and accompanying audio. Drawing on Turley’s art historical curiosities; far eastern churches and palaces, she recorded and preserved the everyday sounds of the historical and antiquated, St Giles Cathedral to accompany the video clip, expanding the dramatic power of Zane (2013).

Turley’s visual artworks force viewers to engage with rare and often endangered species, forming emotive and evocative relationships between the animal and the self.

Lauren Hawkins, Talbot Rice Gallery Intern


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